We arrived in The Seychelles for a 9 day stay as the last stop on our honeymoon. Time for sun and the beach and lots of flats fishing for Clay!!

Our first few nights we stayed at the Four Seasons. An absolutely amazing resort!! One of the best I have ever stayed at. Each room is its own villa with large pool and very large bathroom and amazing deck. The resort is built into the hillside – you are transported via buggies around the resort which is a great way to move around. Just ring the bell and the buggy arrives:)

We spent one day at the beach which was amazing – the water is crystal clear blue and the sand is like powder. The beach staff keeps you cool with cold towels and yummy fruits.

Private Beach

In the afternoon – Clay and I went to the spa which is unreal. The views from the spa relaxation room are not to be missed.


  Four seasons has 3 very nice restaurants where you can get anything from sushi to grill chicken to pizza. Perfect kind of restaurant for us. And the champagne is very inexpensive!!

Little Oscar and Celine for the Evening

On our third day in the Seychelles we were transported via tiny plane to the Desroches Island a small island resort well known for fishing. Clay was so excited he couldn’t contain himself.


Clay so excited to land on the Flats!

 We stayed at Desroches for 6 days. It was a beautiful place – but needed a bit of a make over. Four Seasons just bought it and will be renovating for the next year. I highly recommend going post reno:) The most fun part was the cruiser bikes! Our means of transportation for the week. They were so much fun to ride. Going to pick one up for next summer in Jackson.


Clay had a sensational time and caught lots of fish on the flats and one gigantic wahoo on the blue water with a fly rod. He really wanted a permit but not this year:( I joined one of the days. It was great to see but definitely need to be covered up. The sun is bright!!

Just before the Clouds Opened Up!

 Our last day in The Seychelles we were transported back to the Four Seasons. My heaven:) Clay and I ordered lots of room service and raided the mini bar snacks. The one thing Desroches did not have was FOOD!! We were starving but the Four Seasons took care of us.

Last night of Honeymoon Goodies! Little over it. Can’t see another heart on the bed made of flowers.

  We leave this afternoon to fly back to Jackson!! Can’t wait to get home and see Huddy:), our mini renovations on our house, and to not sleep in mosquito netting!! Wish us luck on our 24+ hour flight! See you soon.



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