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Just In Case….


Just in case Santa forgot something – Here are some great finds on Net-A-Porter… all over 50% off!!
I love this dress and this one – perfect for Spring forward.
I think these Tabitha Simmons flats are adorable! I already have these in my cart.
I love this top – but then again – I can never have enough white feminine tops. It’s the perfect piece for all seasons.
I love these sneakers – but I wasn’t going to spend full price for them. They are very trendy.
I think this chunky coat is perfect for Jackson or any cozy ski resort. And this vest is amazing – I love the silhouette.
This black dress is a great add-on to your wardrobe – I think it’s a good piece to have in your closet and pull out for a great dinner party or gallery opening.
And last – you know I can’t resist a stripe. This one is a classic with a twist.
Happy Sale! There is so much more!  (more…)

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Its New Years Eve- Time for Sparkle


I love New Year’s Eve! Unfortunately, I am the only one in our household to love this holiday:( Boo. I don’t really like to stay up late, or watch the ball drop, or drink like a fish – But I love to get dressed up and add a little sparkle to my look! Since we live in the mountains – not many people go all out in super fancy outfits – but I did find a few options of great sparkle to add to my mountain chic look for a fun dinner party – evening. I love this and this to wear with jeans and a basic tee.  I also think this top is amazing – for any night out – paired with cool leather pants and heels or with jeans and flats. I also love this bag and this one to add to any look. And if you need a pair of fun shiney boots – these are fun too! I think I am going to wear a fun dress with some cool boots – but we shall see.

If you don’t live in the Mountains like us – there are so many more options for pieces to add to your “look” as a great way to add shine to your New Years Eve outfit.

I am obsessed with this dress and this one and this one. They are perfect for those who are traveling to somewhere warm for the Holiday. I think this top is amazing and it’s not super expensive and these shoes are adorable for a beach New Years. I also love to add fun jewelry to a casual all white outfit or…to a fun cocktail dress. I love this bracelet and these earrings and these ones too. They are perfect accessories for the night.

If you are just hanging out at home – I love these super cute pajama-ish pants to lounge and watch a fun movie and order in. You can use these glasses for drinks for some extra sparkle. These pants are also amazing and would look great with a tee and blazer.

Check out more fun sparkly things for the big night! (more…)

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Best Remedies for Dry Skin in the Mountains

dry skin

Since I moved to Jackson – my skin has felt so dry! No matter what I did I could not get the moisture back – especially during ski season!  I have tried so many different remedies to stop the flaking – and have found these to be the best!

I start my morning by cleansing my face with a precleanse from Dermologica to remove germs and residue from the night before.

And then – 3 days a week I add a little gentle cleanser to my clarisonic to exfoliate and cleanse my face. On days that I do not use my clarisonic I simply use the gentle cleanser.

I also like to use this cleanser in Jackson during the winter because it has a bit more moisture in it – but when I am in NYC or Chicago – I use this one.

Next, I use the Dermologica active moist moisturizer. It’s very lightweight yet very rich with moisture. If my face feels super dry – which is often does, I add a touch of moisture booster  (2 drops) to this moisturizer. 

Once I am finished with all my moisturizer – I spray my face with a toner to hold in the moisture.

And then if I am going to be out on the mountain all day skiing – I add a bit of this moisture tint to protect my face from sun damage – and it gives me a bit of color which a like:)

It sounds like a lot but it all helps!

My lips also get really really dry! I am constantly trying to remove the dry skin. I found the best way to remove the dry skin is to add a touch of vaseline to a tooth-brush and brush away the dead skin. Once I do this,  I add this lip conditioner. I am also a big fan of this one and this one. The more lip moisturizer I have in my bags and pockets the better – I apply all day long.

During the evenings I apply this night cream or this one. They both are amazing and help so much!

Lastly, for my body I use this every night!

Enjoy the winter!! (With 18 inches of new snow we will in Jackson!)

Here are some more great facial moisture products that I have tried and love. (more…)

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