Tis the Season 2The Holidays are in full swing and it seems that everyone is going in every direction. I love the buzz and frenzy but sometimes I get a bit too caught up in it and feel a little “stressed.” Some advice I heard a few years ago to help with the stress is “take time for yourself.” So many of us forget about ourselves during the Holidays because we are trying to make everyone else around us happy – but the best thing to do is take a moment for yourself each day.  This moment will result in MORE Christmas Cheer for your family, friends, and for yourself.

Here are some of my favorite things to do for myself.

I love a good manicure! And to make myself feel even better I choose “lollipop” as my color. Just looking at my newly painted nails puts me in a good mood. My favorite nail salon ever is “Danvie” Salon in NYC. They are the best. But any nail salon with a good rep will do.

Going to a great work-out class always perks my mood. I am super into Hot Yoga these days! I go to a Friday am class (6:15am) at Pursue with Trish. The class is amazing and when I leave the class I feel so relaxed and invigorated for the weekend ahead.  I also am obsessed with soul-cycle. No matter how I feel walking in – I always feel 1000x’s better leaving. I know it is sometimes a bit tough getting in the swing of working out – but what helps me is a new workout outfit. I love thisthis, this, and this.

Taking our dog Huddy for a walk also puts me in a great mood. Seeing his face as he runs up and down the hill – would make anyone smile at his pure joy. If you don’t have a Huddy to walk – it’s always nice to take a walk on your own – even for a few minutes. Always feels good to take a few deep breaths of fresh air.

I love buying new lipstick or fun chapstick. Doesn’t cost much but for me a new lip color can boost my mood – no matter how much stress is going on around me. I really love this one too.

And if you know me – you know I LOVE Starbucks. I don’t get anything fancy – just a coffee with hot milk and 1 shot of espresso – But the cup (especially the red one) brings a sense of happiness to me.

Lastly – a COOKIE can always put me in a good mood. My favorite food on earth are cookies. I could eat one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but I try not to. I love a cookie with lots of frosting. The best cookie on the planet is Sweet Mandie B’s iced molasses. If you are ever in Chicago – you must make a special trip to this bakery.

Please find a minute to take some time for yourself this season – so you can feel the Christmas Cheer and spread it around.

Merry Christmas,



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  1. Brooke Moorhead
    December 20, 2015 at 5:42 pm (2 years ago)

    I have managed to do a fair bit of shopping for myself this holiday season. I’m glad we can put it into the category of “taking time for yourself” and not “crazy obssessive about the amazing sales and all jilly’s great picks”!!


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