Ruffles If you know me – you know I love Ruffles!! After all – it is my nickname. Good news is that Ruffles are on the rise. For the Spring 2016 season – Ruffles walked quite a few runways. I love all ruffles – but it’s best to stick to the ones that are the most flattering for your body type and personal style. My personal “ruffle” fave that I noticed this season is “off the shoulder ruffle.” I think this top is amazing and this one too.  I also love this dress and this one and this one.  I also noticed a lot of asymetrical ruffles – I think they are super fun. I love this top and this dress and this one too.  There are also a lot of designs that are not as overtly “ruffly” but have a small ruffle to support the trend. I think this Jacket is adorable and very feminine. I also love these simple little tees.  And in case you need a new swim suit – these are adorable. I am also loving this little ruffle on sleeves. Whether you tend to wear really high fashion or more main stream fashion – ruffles are in. Check out all my faves in the shop at bottom of post. ruffles3 ruffles4 ruffles5 ruffles6


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