friday food for thought Happy Friday!! We made it to the weekend. Most of the country is going through the winter freeze. To those of you lucky enough to live somewhere warm – I envy you:)

This weekend I am going to ski – obvi – we received 12 inches of new snow (wahoo) and I am going to try and stay warm and focus on some cooking.

I learned to make this fab lasagna the other night from owners of Dishing JH and I plan to try it out for Clay. It’s  very easy and delicious and perfect winter food. I plan to pair it with a delicious salad and for this recipe for dessert which will be my favorite part of the meal.  (Sssh don’t tell anyone).  Check out more of my new recipes that are perfect for a cold winter weekend.lasagna recipe

 Delicious salad.


Twix Cookies

twix cookies

Check out more great winter recipes below:



Taco Soup

Taco Soup

Enjoy your weekend and make sure you do a little shopping – window shopping counts too:) shopping text

Check out the Sales and Deals section of the blog too. If it’s on sale it doesn’t count. xo, Jilly

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