Well we made it to February! Thank goodness! I am not a fan of January. Seems like the longest month. And of course I love February – because it’s the shortest month and Valentine’s day falls in it:)! The past week I have been reviewing many fashion publications and blogs and came up with some great accessories trends. Although many of the new styles are so expensive – Clay says to “DREAM ON” when I show him – there are also great styles that will not break your bank and will give you the same look.

I am sure many of you have seen the Fedora throughout Fall. It completes every outfit and the trend will continue through the remaining days of winter – (47 days to be exact.) I was not an early adapter of this trend – but I love it now – and plan to purchase a summer version for the beach. Maison Michel is the epitome of luxury – but if you want something that is a bit less – check out Rag and Bone. I love this one!!

If you know me – you know I am obsessed with the Aquazzura flats. I am hoping these show up for Valentine’s day. If you are not sure of the trend yet – and not completely committed to spending so much on a pair of shoes – check these out. They look amazing!

The bucket bag is so cute! My favorite is this one – but there are so many other styles that will not cost you as much. Jcrew has a great version and comes in multiple colors. I am loving the cream color for spring.

I always seem to lose my sunglasses so I am constantly in search for a new pair. Since I tend to lose my glasses so often – it doesn’t make sense for me to spend a fortune on a new pair. I love the new oversized trend. Definite movie star look:)

Shop more of the trends – or just take a peak to see what is out there:)

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