maternityshoppingAs many of you know – Clay and I are expecting a new baby in September!! As many of you also know – I love clothes and fashion – so many people have asked me what I have been wearing during my maternity days. I will be honest – I was not excited about gaining weight and having to change my “look” but I was excited about buying new clothes – I mean who isn’t?? The good news is that many of the current trends this season are more flowy and less body conscious – which is great for me right now. I decided I wanted to purchase more current fashion that I would be able to wear in the future vs. true maternity clothes – although towards the end I understand I will need to purchase a couple of true maternity pieces to get me through.

Here are some key pieces that I picked up and have taken me through the last 7 months and have been my “go to” styles.

  1. Boho Blouse – this one from Isabel Marant, this one from Madewell, and these from Jcrew are amazing. I have white and the blue and white stripe.
  2. A-line Dress without a waist line – this one by Alexander Wang and this Rebecca Taylor are very comfortable and I can see myself wearing again post baby. I am also eyeing this Sea Dress for the rest of the summer.
  3. Trapeze sweater – this one from Jcrew has been perfect for me with jeans.
  4. Jacket/blazer to wear over dresses – I have lived in this one from Club Monaco because its knit and moves with me.
  5. I did purchase a pair of maternity jeans from Gap – I have not worn them yet – but I think they will come in handy very soon. I tried numerous pairs and I liked these the best for their fit and the price.

Keep checking back to see more of my finds.

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