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whitebagNow that Spring is officially here – except in Jackson (Snowed 6 inches last night), I am transitioning to Spring accessories. This Spring/Summer – I am loving a white handbag. It matches everything and always looks fresh. For Spring, I love an all grey/neutral/black look paired with a white hand bag.  Super Chic. My favorite is the Celine White Handbag but there are so many more that will not break your bank. Check out more great options below in a range of price points!

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Some Fun Accessory Trends


Well we made it to February! Thank goodness! I am not a fan of January. Seems like the longest month. And of course I love February – because it’s the shortest month and Valentine’s day falls in it:)! The past week I have been reviewing many fashion publications and blogs and came up with some great accessories trends. Although many of the new styles are so expensive – Clay says to “DREAM ON” when I show him – there are also great styles that will not break your bank and will give you the same look.

I am sure many of you have seen the Fedora throughout Fall. It completes every outfit and the trend will continue through the remaining days of winter – (47 days to be exact.) I was not an early adapter of this trend – but I love it now – and plan to purchase a summer version for the beach. Maison Michel is the epitome of luxury – but if you want something that is a bit less – check out Rag and Bone. I love this one!!

If you know me – you know I am obsessed with the Aquazzura flats. I am hoping these show up for Valentine’s day. If you are not sure of the trend yet – and not completely committed to spending so much on a pair of shoes – check these out. They look amazing!

The bucket bag is so cute! My favorite is this one – but there are so many other styles that will not cost you as much. Jcrew has a great version and comes in multiple colors. I am loving the cream color for spring.

I always seem to lose my sunglasses so I am constantly in search for a new pair. Since I tend to lose my glasses so often – it doesn’t make sense for me to spend a fortune on a new pair. I love the new oversized trend. Definite movie star look:)

Shop more of the trends – or just take a peak to see what is out there:)

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Monday Refresh & Links


monday fresh startNow that the Holidays are officially over and people are either fully into their New Year’s resolutions or scrapping them all together – check out some of my “Fresh Starts” for this week. Little by little you can make changes to better your days.

If one of your New Years resolutions is to read more – check out the 15 books women need to read in their lifetime.

If you want to re-do your wardrobe – check out the 6 outfit formulas every woman should learn.

One of my resolutions is to learn to cook – here is a new recipe I tried and it turned out great. I  also want to try this and this.

Of course if working out or getting fit is one of your resolutions – check out this work-out it is not overwhelming. – I am also really into this as my apple watch is one of my favorite accessories. And I am going to commit to more of this – for the winter during ski season. Oh and here is an inspiring article to keep you motivated and don’t forget some great tunes for your work-out.

And if you are still working through your resolutions check this out – it will inspire you.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the Golden Globes fashion recap – pre and post.

Lastly check out my 5 favorite shopping finds for the week.


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