Keeping your Tootsies Cozy

cold feetAlthough I think I might be toughening up a bit (wink wink) My feet tend to always be cold – especially when skiing and doing any outdoor activity. I recently found a few ways to keep them a bit warmer that I thought I would share —

  1. When walking to mountain to ski – wear a cozy pair of socks…Do not wear your ski socks.
  2.  Change into ski socks when ready to put on your ski boots. I like these and these pairs because they are not too thick but have a little padding to keep me warm. Make sure they are wool too. Do not wear cotton.
  3. Once you put your ski socks on – I love “grabbers” sticky warmers. I put mine on the top of my feet. I find it works best here. This is one of my favorite tricks.
  4. Then put your boots on – ski, cross country, skates, etc.
  5. Once you start doing your activity make sure you take breaks for hot cocoa, coffee, or cider. Lots of breaks!!
  6. When you finish your activity – change back into cozy socks and then make sure you put your ski socks in the dryer for next time.

Happy Winter!



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Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for all of my family and friends and especially my husband, Clay. I am counting my blessings on our fabulous year filled with love and support. This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year – I love all the festivities and traditions and my new love of riding and fox hunting. I hope everyone enjoys their dinners and eats to their hearts content. I certainly will! And then I will be heading to Soul Cycle post Thanksgiving weekend to prepare for the Holiday Party Season!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Royal Malewane – Thornybush

Our last safari stop was Royal Malewane – the epitome of Safari Luxury.

We were greeted at the air strip by our guide Antony – who is a wealth of “bush” knowledge. He knows where all the animals are at all times and what they are up to. A perfect guide to show us as much wildlife as possible in a short period of time.

Land Rover – Our Vehicle for Game Drives

On our first game drives – we came across a lioness and her 4 cubs and 2 leopard cubs  in the evening.  They were beyond precious. I wanted to hug each of them.

IMG_2318 IMG_2321

IMG_1988 IMG_1989


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